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Theme Park Equipment

Speedway, Racetrack, Race Circuit, Motorsport


A BASIC SERVICE can build any structure called for in your plans. Please take advantage of our resources. CUSTOM PRODUCTION SERVICES, working with fiberglass, foam, steel, wood, shot-Crete or other materials we can fabricate any shape for any purpose or appearance to include: VIDEO KIOSK, VIRTUAL REALITY MACHINES, FOOD SERVICE TRAILERS, ETC...

We provide housing design, development, production and assembly. Other services may include repair, refinishing and modification of fiberglass carnival and amusement rides.

SPECIAL SERVICES requiring reproduction of complex and ornate shapes difficult to produce in conventional construction are just one of A BASIC SERVICE'S SPECIALTIES! Components may be finished in various exteriors, i.e., faux granite, marble or stone.

Motion Simulator Ride

We design and build to any size, action or purpose. We produce ride film experiences to include flight with full working controls as helicopter or fixed wing aircraft.

Water Slide ~ snow ski ~ toboggan ~ snowboard

A brand new sliding technology, like a toboggan, sledge, skiing or snowboarding, but on a water covered slope. The plastic layer distributes the standing water and makes the slope slippery


Your Single Source For All Your AMUSEMENT PARK Needs & Related Applications

Custom Design, Construction, Consultation & Management, Including Turnkey Service, Buildings/Structures, Landscaping, Signage, Selection & Training Of Personnel, Museum Services.

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